James Munkers: Freak of Nature

Trips to the Lake District are lovely, aren’t they? There’s the tiny bungalow crammed with every conceivable family member. There’s the lake to drown in, and hills to stub your toes on. And the spontaneous ninjas are really bringing the scenery to life.

James is on holiday, but weirdness doesn’t take vacations. The end of the world is nigh, his powers seem to be going haywire, and things keep popping up out of nowhere and attacking him. He might have half a chance of dealing with everything if only his meddling family would stay out of the way.

But his family are more involved in the strange events than James realises.

James Munkers: Freak of Nature is the second book in a fantasy adventure series for young adults.

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Character Profiles

James Munkers

Our reluctant hero is back, and he’s just as reluctant as ever. James is against hills, mud, rain, ninjas appearing out of nowhere and attacking him, and being set up by his parents when he’s already got a pretend girlfriend, for heaven’s sake. James is for sitting down and nice cups of tea. The only time he’s cool is when he’s souped up on dark powers, but then he’s got this tendency to attack his own family (bit of a problem).

Jeremy Allen

James's best (and only) friend. A bit of an action junkie, Jeremy is happiest when he’s got a big weapon in his hands and has something to swing it at. When not in danger mode, Jeremy is polite, easy-going and will do anything for his best mate. He likes food, football and double-edged broadswords.

Pippa Green

Pippa is Kit’s identical twin and James’s pretend girlfriend. She is unfazed by strange monsters, sudden attacks and the breakdown of reality. Don’t get her talking about personal matters, though. She might scream in your face. Trust her implicitly, but approach her with caution. Pippa likes ducks and privacy.

Kit Green

A small woman with a big impact. Kit is the highest-ranking Guardian in the dimension. Questions get answered and evil gets its arse handed to it when Kit’s around. She’s smart and focused, but she’s also kind and patient. Unless you hurt her sister. If you do, you’re dead. Kit likes Will, dogs and a well-executed plan.


Ex-Hoarder. Kit’s boyfriend. Equal parts terrifying and annoying. Will’s the guy you go to when you need to weapon up. He’ll charge into battle at the drop of a hat, but don’t expect him to do it with a smile. He’s here to save James’s life, not be nice to him. He likes violence, he loves Kit, and he makes a mean milkshake.

aunt daphne

An aunt. Nosy. Rude. Possibly evil. She’s James’s dad’s sister, but when her brother disappeared she had a big bust-up with the family, and she hasn’t been seen since. Until now…


Heather’s in England on holiday from Australia, or South Africa, or somewhere like that. She and James don’t seem to get on, possibly because she’s a EVIL HOARDER IN DISGUISE! Or she’s just annoying.

Sue Munkers

James's mum. She doesn’t know about James’s magical abilities, but with James’s powers going haywire, the pretense that he’s normal is getting harder to maintain. Sue’s terribly excited to be on holiday, but terribly conflicted about what to do about the Daphne situation.

Michael Munkers

James's step-dad, but not in an evil way. Michael’s default setting is cheerful, but he isn’t above getting the grumps, particularly on the issue of Daphne. He also doesn’t know about James’s magical abilities, although he shows all too keen an interest in James’s love life.

Peter Munkers

The oldest of the Munkers children. Since learning of his younger brother’s destiny to save the world, Peter is keen to help out, but is frustrated by James’s desire to keep his family out of harm’s way. Sweet-tempered and resourceful, he’d put his brother’s needs before his own any day. He likes to play the guitar and hang out with the gang.

Claire Munkers

Claire is James's older sister. She’s completely fine with James’s policy to keep the family away from the fight to save the world, as she had other plans anyway. She’s observant and critical, and will be the first to tell James when he’s out of order, but she’s got a soft spot for her family. Claire likes hair products and guys with boats.

Garth Munkers

James's younger half-brother. Garth is completely up for a fight with weird monsters and vicious creatures, and thinks James is stupid for leaving him out all the time. Despite his propensity to charge into the fray with no plan and no backup, Garth is brave and loyal, and knows more than people give him credit for.

Winifred Munkers

Win is the youngest in the family. She’s girly and tough, but she’s also been a bit absent-minded recently. James figures that if he can keep her out of harm’s way, they can deal with whatever’s bothering her later on. Win likes unicorns, sweets, dogs, cats, singing, kicking bad people in the shins, James, Claire, her mum, Peter, her dad, Garth, Will, Pippa, Kit and Lego.


The guy who runs the holiday park. Looks in dire need of a holiday himself. Likes the quiet life.


The holiday park man’s son. Ginger hair. Hides in trees. Easily overwhelmed. Likes numbers.

Stanley Harrison

James's biological father, who disappeared when James was four. The police came to the conclusion that he must have taken off, but James, who was the only person present at the time, insisted that Stanley vanished before his eyes. He hasn't been seen since.

Shadowy Presence in the Woods

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